Safeguard your heart’s future with an annual Well Man check

  • Full blood count FBC
    * Serum lipid profile
    * Kidney Function
    *Liver Function
    * Proteins
    *Gout — uric acid
    * Diabetes — HbAic
    * Iron status
    * Heart disease risk — HDL percentage of total
    * BP measurement
    *Eye check
    *Bladder and Prostate checks
    Men are also advised to see the doctor if they have symptoms of urinary urgency, painful urination, incomplete voiding, blood in the urine or restricted flow of urine.
    Some clinicians advise men who are 40 and above to undertake a prostate specific antigen test (PSA).
    For more information on PSA, please click on link below…/psa-test



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Adaku Efuribe

Adaku Efuribe


Forbes Ignite Featured- Creates Social Impact & Sustainability | Health Promotion Ambassador |UN SDGs Advocate