Adaku Efuribe
3 min readJul 10, 2022

As Nigerians ponder over who would become their next President. It is evident that we now how four groups of people from my observation (Adaku Efuribe)

GROUP ONE- The Argumentative: These are people who do not have a candidate in mind or are ashamed or scared of publicly declaring who their preferred candidate is. You can call this group of people ‘E rats. They just enjoy the frenzy of arguing on social media without making any factual conclusions or submission. Social media is their pass time and they enjoy generating comments from their posts for no sensible reason whatsoever. Engage in arguments with such people at your own peril.

GROUP TWO- The Irrational: This group of people have a candidate in mind, but you can never see them writing or talking about the qualities of their preferred candidate. Because they choose a candidate due to sentiments, they have little or no submissions to make regarding their candidate so all they do is say negative things about all candidates but their own. I don’t really think this is the most intelligent way to go about things as an adult. We have been holding elections from Primary school through to university. The trusted way of getting others to vote for your candidate is by promoting their good qualities. You don’t want to spend 99% of your time talking about another candidate if your own candidate is the best.

GROUP THREE — The Selfish: This group is made up of selfish people who only benefit from the ignorance of the masses. Their aim in life is to enrich themselves and impoverish the populace. They don’t have a proven track record of employment or Income, their job is to collect incentives, money and favour to push a certain narrative. In fact, they are paid to do a dirty job just for their bank account. In this group you have notorious people, ’celebrities’, artists, table shakers etc. Nigerians refer to them in pidgin English as ‘Any where belly face’ which means, they have sold their soul to the ‘devil’, they only do the dirty job of the highest bidder. Such people do not have the interest of the country at heart and should not be taken seriously.

GROUP FOUR- The Pragmatic: This group of people can pick the qualified candidate based on the great qualities of an excellent leader. They are not beclouded by sentiments, tribalism or religion. They want the best for their country so they selflessly study all the potential candidates and root for the one with the best qualities for these key areas- Economy, Security, Health, Employment- these are the key areas in need of development in Nigeria. I am proud to say I belong to this group of people.

So which group do you belong to?, Are a patriotic Nigerian?

As a patriotic Nigerian, I would love to see a profound level of development in my country within the next four years. I am a proud Nigerian and the future of my country is paramount. In my little way, I would continue to screen the Presidential aspirants and promote the candidate with the best qualities. I hope you plan to do same.

Let’s work as a team for the love of man and country. Together everyone achieves more! (TEAM)

‘Our world still has many great leaders. They are the main reasons why countries attain economic, social and human development. Countries like Singapore, Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Norway and Sweden are known to have the least corrupt politicians in the world. And the success of these countries is largely contributed to their great leadership’

Victorino Abrugar

By Adaku Efuribe- a Forbes Ignite change maker, working towards a better Nigeria for all



Adaku Efuribe

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