Life’s little lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Be ready to make adjustments
  • Be ready to reshape your mindset
  • Make plans for the unknown.One thing that is constant in life is change
  • Use your time wisely
  • Build better relationships
  • Be tech savvy,everything is going virtual
    Learn the skills for virtual boardroom meetings
  • Be willing and ready to adjust,things might get worse before they get better
  • Get ready for the new normal
  • Live each day as it comes,whilst engaging in mindfulness, healthy eating and exercise
  • Your projections and analysis for the future may be futile
  • Do not engage in reckless spending
  • Save a portion of your earnings,get ready for layoff’s
  • As you treat yourself with things like cars,gifts etc….also invest in your emotional/spiritual well-being. The latter is more important
  • Develop good indoor habits- learn how to play indoor games like chess etc. There are times when watching TV or using your mobile device may seem uninteresting … need to get used to reading quality educational materials,attending virtual meetings/training’s,listening to podcasts,participating in webinars ….
  • Everything is changing,new job roles are coming up.Build rich connections with people who add value to you,people who can share vital information with you….
  • Get ready for the new normal,systems would never be the same post Covid-19 Pandemic



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Adaku Efuribe

Adaku Efuribe


Forbes Ignite Featured- Creates Social Impact & Sustainability | Health Promotion Ambassador |UN SDGs Advocate